Our Services

Our practice offers a range of services in a relaxed, family-friendly environment.

Our services include:



Neelu George  is a highly experienced audiologist (at our Mt Colah Practice). She has been practicing audiology in Australia since 2003 & is a qualified practitioner under the Hearing Service Program (Australian Government). She is also an accredited hearing care practitioner under Audiology Australia (Professional Body of Audiology Members). For any hearing related enquiries or appointments

Phone 0436 599 292 or visit www.hearallaudiology.com.au.

Childhood Immunisations

These are administered free by our Practice Nurses following a check-up with our doctor. Our practice recommends the Bexsero injection for all infants to protect them against the B strain of meningococcal disease (this is not provided free under the current immunisation schedule). 



ECG testing and Cardiovascular risk assessment and management as appropriate.



Sue Jones is an experienced accredited practising dietitian who graduated in 1987 and has a special interest in food intolerance, gastrointestinal issues, weight management and diabetes. She consults at Mt. Colah from 8am-3pm on Tuesdays. Phone 02 9347 2404 or visit wahroongadietician.com.au for appointments. 


Home Visits

Please call the surgery as early as possible to facilitate this. 



Influenza vaccinations are available free for all patients at high risk (children aged 6 months to 5 years, over 65 years, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, pregnant women and those with a chronic condition like diabetes, asthma, chronic lung or heart disease, and those with a suppressed immune system). Private flu injections are available for those not eligible to a free one.


Pneumonia vaccination is free for all patients over the age of 70; patients with certain chronic illnesses require a booster after 5 years.


Shingles is a painful blistering rash which can only be contracted by those who have ever suffered from chickenpox. This vaccine usually costs around $200 and is suitable for those aged over 50 years and is given as a single dose. However, the Government is providing it free for adults aged 70 years. Currently there is a catch-up program for those aged 70-79 years but this will end on 31/10/2021. 


The Tetanus vaccination is available free if you are over 50 years and have not had a booster in the past 10 years. If possible, we recommend the combined (privately billed) Tetanus/whooping cough vaccination instead.

The combined vaccination is free for all pregnant women during every pregnancy and recommended for those who have close contact with a newborn, like grandparents. 


Lung Function Testing

Spirometry available at our Hornsby rooms to assess your lung capacity and response to treatment for patients with chronic lung disease. 


Men’s Health

This includes cardiovascular, prostate and sexual health checks and mental health among others. 


Mental Health

Where appropriate, a Mental Health Plan will provide you with access to 10-20 (Medicare rebated) visits to psychologists each year. Drs Fiona Murphy, Renu McVay and Lucy Rigby have a special interest in mental health issues. Book a long appointment to discuss. 


Minor Surgery
Small lumps and bumps and skin cancer surgery (where flaps and grafts can sometimes be required) can be performed by Dr William Nguyen at Mt. Colah and Dr David Lin at Hornsby. Dr Nguyen is experienced in removing ingrown toenails.


Musculoskeletal Medicine

Having trained initially as a physiotherapist, Dr Jennie Shone has a special interest in this area, as does Dr William Nguyen and Dr David Lin.



Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology collection is available from 8am-12noon on Mondays and Thursdays at Mt Colah, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Hornsby. They perform blood tests and ECGs. Request forms from any pathology company can be used. You do not need to be a patient of Summers Avenue Medical Practice to use this service.



Joanne Koutchavlis is an experienced podiatrist who graduated in 1992 and has a special interest in treating nail problems, managing wounds and caring for diabetic feet. She consults at Mt. Colah on Thursdays. 


Point-of-care testing

Practice nurses can perform INR testing at both surgeries to give instant results to help guide warfarin dosing. There is no fee.


Preventative Medicine

We have a strong emphasis on preventative medicine and encourage our eligible patients to participate in the following programs:


Bowel Cancer - the National Bowel Screening Program sends a free bowel cancer screening kit every two years to those aged between 50 and 74 years. 

Breastscreen - every two years, the Government sends an invitation for a free mammogram to all women aged 50- 74 years. We strongly support this important initiative and remind women that at their request, they are eligible for free screening from 40 years.

Osteoporosis - patients 70 years or over are eligible for an initial screening bone density test via x-ray.  


Shared Antenatal Care

Drs. Renu McVay, Kylie Peterson, Jenny Shone and Anny Marrett will work in partnership with your selected midwife or your private obstetrician at Hornsby Hospital . 


Skin Cancer Clinic

It is advisable to remove makeup and nail polish prior to your appointment. Dr William Nguyen at Mt. Colah, Dr Lucy Rigby and Dr David Lin at both Hornsby and Mt Colah.


Suction Ear microscope
Until recently GPs had no option but to remove ear wax either physically with a curette (often uncomfortable) or by syringing with water (with the potential of perforating the ear drum). We now offer a suction microscope service without the need for referral to an ENT surgeon. It is always helpful to soften the wax with 'Ear Clear' for 3 days prior to any form of removal. This equipment can also be used to remove debris from outer ear infections or foreign bodies from the ear or nose. Book with Dr William Nguyen.


Travel Medicine

Please request a 30 minute appointment at least 6-weeks prior to travel, bringing with you a full itinerary and previous vaccinations given elsewhere. If you have chronic health conditions, it’s important to ensure you have enough of your medication before travelling and to ask your GP for a letter listing your medical history and medications.


While travel exposes you to wonderful new experiences, it also exposes you to significant infectious disease. Most are preventable with up-to-date vaccinations. The type of vaccinations required depend on where you are travelling, your medical history, age, length of stay and the activities you might be doing while you are away.


Some vaccinations are part of the childhood immunisation schedule (Hepatitis B, tetanus, pertussis, polio) and others such as Hepatitis A, typhoid and influenza are not. For travel to some countries in Africa, Asia and Central and South America, it is a requirement before entering that country and returning to Australia, that you be vaccinated against Yellow Fever, an acute viral illness spread by mosquitos. Yellow Fever vaccine can only be prescribed and administered at accredited GP practices. It is also important to be aware of any outbreaks of infectious disease in a country you may be travelling to. Currently in New Zealand and Samoa there is an outbreak of measles with over 2000 confirmed cases in 2019. NSW Health currently offers free vaccination to those born on or after 1966 who have not had 2 documented doses of measles, mumps, rubella vaccine (MMR). 

All people travelling overseas should ensure they have adequate travel insurance for the countries they are travelling to and any activities they may undertake while away.

A great resource for all travellers is the Smart Traveller website. Here you will find information about health risks and safety and security concerns for countries you may be travelling to. You can also register your travel plans on the website so that in the event of an emergency, such as a severe weather event, the government is able to contact you or your family.

Please complete the Travel Vaccine questionnaire prior to your appointment. Our Mt Colah practice is an approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. Book Dr William Nguyen, Kylie Peterson, Jennie Shone or Anny Marrett.

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Women's Health
This includes cervical cancer screening, contraceptive advice, insertion of Implanon (Drs Kylie Peterson, Anny Marrett and David Lin), shared antenatal care with Hornsby Hospital and management of perimenopause and menopause. The Pap smear test has been replaced by the Cervical Screening Test (CST) for women over the age of 25yrs who have ever been sexually active. If reported as normal, it needs to be repeated only every 5 years.


Work Related Injuries

We will help you on your road to recovery while liaising with your employer or their representative regarding worker's compensation.